Domestic Cleaning

Are you working too hard? Can’t face having to clean after work or on your day off? Well you’re not on your own.  More and more people are looking for good cleaners to pop in and freshen up their homes on a regular basis. The only problem is finding reliable cleaners and that’s where Manhill Cleaners can help.

Regular cleaning services in Bournemouth or Poole can be arranged on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.


Domestic regular cleaning services include:

  • Insured, we take responsibility unlike some other companies.
  • Professionally vetted reliable domestic cleaners.
  • Security. The security of your home is one of our top priorities. We have trained our cleaners to follow strictly our Safe and Secure key holding policy.
  • Transparent pricing – All you pay is an hourly rate
  • Tailored task list to meet your specific requirements
  • Regular cleaning by the same experienced & motivated person
  • Replacement cleaner to cover sickness, absence, holidays etc.
  • Convenient payment options – Direct debit / All credit & debit cards accepted
  • No long-term contract


All cleaning staff regularly trained to re-enforce safe, secure, productive, hygienic and customer focused working practices

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When you decide to join just call us and we’ll organise everything. If you have a special requirements and would like to talk to someone in person, one of our representatives will come to visit you. You can tell them what you need and they can give you help and advice. This means that we know your needs and we can select the cleaner that is right for you, both for your initial cleaner and should you want a replacement in the future. You will be assign an account manager that will look after your enquiries and will be there for you whenever you need assistance.

Regularly the same cleaner

Our vetting is carefully done to ensure that a cleaner will stay with you for a good period of time. Our maids are well motivated and we pay them the best rates in Dorset. Cleaners are carefully scheduled so you can have the hours you need, when you want them.

Quality Service

Our cleaners are fully trained to the highest standard of services so you can expect exceptionally results, because we are specialists. The cleaners are reliable, trustworthy and highly motivated. You can trust us. We are professionally trained.

Quality of Service Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll be happy to come back and clean again whatever is in question at no additional charge. Our job is only finished when you are completely satisfied.

We’re professionally trained

We take the time for a thorough training program. Each member of staff is trained by an experienced supervisor to our permanently improving techniques and quality standards.

To stop using the service

Your contract continues as long as you want. We only need one month notice in advance.

Cost Saving and Control

We ensure you that you will get cost effective and reliable service. You can get the best value with us and our rates are economical enough to win business in open competition.


We accept payment by any type of card, bank transfer or standing order. There are no hidden charges. We provide a suitable staff member and we continue to monitor the situation and offer a replacement should it become necessary, either temporarily for reasons of illness or holidays, or permanently if your cleaner is an about to leave you. Or you might just ask us to replace the cleaner at any time for any reasons of your own. We cannot of course promise that a given employee will be with you forever, but we can certainly make every effort to ensure that you will never be left high and dry.